The Winter 2021/22  programme will look reassuringly familiar to those who ski with us regularly and has taken into account those groups who had already requested spaces for 2021/22 when it became clear that last season was going to be written off. Please therefore give alternative dates when enquiring about availability. 

For those skiers who haven't been on an Ali Ross Skiing Clinic before, you will notice that we offer just one ski course each week ; this is because the unique advantage of the Skiing Clinics is that Ali Ross doesn't just lend his name to the system and thereafter assistants take over,  but actually teaches every lesson, whether group or private, himself.  This not only guarantees consistency of information and feedback,  but also more critically, his technical insights will  help you to become the accomplished skier you always aspired to be.   Be warned - there are  no magic wands or short-cuts in this process and it requires a certain determination to ditch skiing habits acquired over perhaps many winters- but if ever there was a more auspicious time to start the next phase of your skiing life, next season must surely be it.  Don't take  our word for it, come and join us and find out for yourself.  

2020/21 will long be remembered as the ski season that never was, but as the winter of 2021/22 approaches, the really good news is that Tignes has announced that the lifts on the Grande Motte will open for the season on Saturday 16th October, hoping that they will continue without interruption until May 2022. There is also no numbers restriction on access, the only reminder of times past being that masks will be required in queues and on the lifts.

 With that in mind, the schedule  for 2021/22   is published on the Courses and Dates page, together with descriptions of each type of course.   Provisional bookings have already been made  by those who had reserved places for last season, so please have alternative dates for consideration and note that each request must be made via the ski course Booking Form individually, regardless of whether you are part of a group. Please note the new e mail address: skiingclinics@


Temporary changes to Booking Conditions 

These are under review for the season 2021/22.  See opposite. 

 Temporary changes to our Course Booking Conditions made last season relating  to Covid-19 and its variants, are under review as the current situation nationally and internationally evolves. These will be made available before any bookings are confirmed.

All non-Covid related cancellations remain subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.

Please note that (in the FCDO's wording), "disinclination to travel" is not acceptable as a valid reason for cancellation in any circumstances.

 Tignes Announcements

See the Tignes official website for the latest news , including STGM  reports.  English version available.